Good morning swim family!!  It’s been a long – very long spring and summer!  I hope that everyone is doing well and is getting back to the school routine whether in person or virtually.  I know that swim season is still a little ways off (not as far as we think) and there still isn’t any word about winter sports, but we have been given a great opportunity as a fundraiser and wanted to get it out as soon as possible.  The football boosters have put together a Purples Spirit card with local businesses and have offered for us to sell them as well.  They are $15 each and the swim team will be splitting the total profits with them.  I’ve attached a flyer with the card that you can send out to your email contacts, post it on your work bulletin boards, etc.  We strongly encourage everyone to sell as many as they can!!  You can email/text me (270-991-4253) or Micah Griffin (270-792-0408) and we will get you cards once you know  how many you will want/need.  They are valid until August 1, 2021.

Also, we have the Pura Vida bracelets if you are wanting or needing those as well – the string bracelets are $5 and the braided are $10.  I also have a few pairs of the BGHS slides we sold last year in gray.  If you are interested in those they are $30.  If you are interested in any of the bracelets or the slides, please let me know! There are flyers attached with photos of the bracelets and the slide (with sizes available)   I can arrange for pickup!!!
I will be cleaning up our email list (removing those that have graduated, not swimming, etc) closer to the season…
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon…
#16peat (let’s stay hopeful!!)

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